2024 Skills-First Chicago Talent Development Conference @ Zurich Insurance

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2024 Global Talent Trends Is your Team Prepared for the future? View Agenda & Registration List  (left column under Session Leaders)

Join us to share practical strategies that will impact the business and why Skills-First Talent Practices and Workplace Agility are top-of-mind for forward-looking leaders.

We are planning nearly 15 case studies and interactive discussions on Leveraging Learning to build a sustainable workforce, including:

  • LATEST RESEARCH: Emerging Trends & AI
  • SKILLS-FIRST TALENT STRATEGIES: Integrating Skill-based HR Talent Practices
  • LEADERSHIP: Developing Mid-Managers
  • DATA FLUENCY and ChatGPT: Workforce transformation stories expertly told
  • 2024 RESKILLING TRENDS: Embracing cutting-edge Assessments, Equity & Access to Learning, Reskilling/Upskilling
  • INTERNSHIP/APPRENTICESHIP: Designing and Implementing a Successful Program
  • LEARNING JOURNEYS: Cohort Learning | Scale Beyond Leadership Development
  • FUTURE OF WORK: Nourishing Wellness, Belonging (DEIB), Coaching, and more
We are working closely with ELE Team-Leader members who will contribute valuable evidence-based case studies & best practices. The 23nd Annual Chicago Exchange 2024 will be a full-day, multi-track event providing you and your team an opportunity to collaborate with your peers and learn best practices from the ELE's robust network of learning and talent development leaders.

ELE Helps Upskill HR Talent Leaders--Teri Hart, CLO @ Zurich

Annette Reid
Senior Vice President Talent ManagementCNA Insurance
CNA Insurance

About Annette Reid


Accountability for Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Leadership Development for CNA.

Carole Widmer
Director, Learning and DevelopmentCollege of American Pathologists
College of American Pathologists

About Carole Widmer


Using innovative techniques, I inspire teams to balance strategic initiatives and implement process improvements while providing customer focus and shareholder value.

Michael Kester
Chief Executive OfficerLead Belay
Lead Belay

About Michael Kester


Michael has a 20+ year career in learning, leadership development, and consulting. He founded Lead Belay to make high-impact leadership development affordable for millennial new managers. Prior to Lead Belay, Michael was co-president of The Regis Company, creating top-tier custom leadership programs for large companies (Abbott, Cisco, Deloitte, etc.); a McKinsey & Company consultant; and a Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking financial analyst. He holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.A. in philosophy from CU Boulder.

Marti Konstant
Workplace Futurist @ Konstant ChangeChicagoland Talent Leaders
Chicagoland Talent Leaders

About Marti Konstant


Marti Konstant is a workplace futurist and the best-selling author of Activate Your Agile Career. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is a former technology executive that has worked in Silicon Valley. As a Top Career Influencer, she has been featured in media outlets such as NBC Chicago, Forbes, and The Muse, and has worked in companies like Samsung, Dow Jones and Apple. Marti is an expert in applying agile principles to workforce development.

Denis Sternberg
Vice President SalesgetAbstract

About Denis Sternberg


I have a MBA in Human Resources and I have worked helping organizations with business solutions ranging from hiring and recruitment to organizational effectiveness and training.

Marsha Love Morrow
VP, Head of Underwriting University Instructional Design and Vendor ManagementZurich North America
Zurich North America

About Marsha Love Morrow


Results-oriented Talent Executive with demonstrated success in leading a large-scale integrated talent organization. Expertise in leadership development, learning, succession and performance management.

Teri Hart
VP, Head of Learning and DevelopmentZurich North America
Zurich North America

About Teri Hart


Teri is head of Learning & Development for Zurich North America. Teri has over 25 years’ experience in the Learning and Development space having served in learning leadership roles at Discover, McKinsey, and GE Healthcare. Teri has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern and an MSEd in Instructional Technology from Indiana University.

About Dirk Tussing


PASSIONATE COLLABORATOR with an extensive business and charity network that makes things happen.

Geovanny Andino
VP, Head of Workforce DevelopmentZurich North America
Zurich North America

About Geovanny Andino


Skilled communicator who promotes talent development, continuous improvement, and innovation within a fluid team of professionals.

Janice Simmons
VP, Chief Learning and Organization Development OfficerFroedtert Health
Froedtert Health

About Janice Simmons


Janice is a business executive with a focus on Talent Strategy and Talent Management; Leadership Development; Change Management; Organization Development, and Culture Change.

Dieter Veldsman
Chief Scientist: HR and ODAIHR

About Dieter Veldsman


I love ideas. And human behavior. And business. And Research. My career in Work Psychology and Human Resource Management has allowed me to combine these three interests to guide organizations to become workplaces where people want to work and stay. I have more than 15+ years of experience working with organizations in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM, with 5+ years at an Executive level. I have held the positions of Group Chief People Officer, Director of Consulting Services, and Chief Research Scientist, to mention a few.

Stephanie Alvarez
Learning and Development CoordinatorCollege of American Pathologists
College of American Pathologists

About Stephanie Alvarez


Nicholas Leonard
Art and Education Lecturer @ NIUGlobal Talent Leaders
Global Talent Leaders

About Nicholas Leonard


I am an award winning university lecturer with over 12 years learning and development experience. View my portfolio here: www.Leonardlxd.com Expertise in Learning Theories and Program Design - Learning Theories: My extensive knowledge, honed during my PhD in Art and Design Education, equips me with a deep understanding of various learning models. From the ADDIE Model to Kirkpatrick’s Model, I leverage these frameworks to create robust learning experiences and resources. - Clear, Engaging Content: Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gagne’s 9 Events, Mayer’s Principles of Multimedia Learning, SAMR Model, and the ARCS Model, I ensure that my learning content is not only informative but also captivating. Effective Communication - Written & Verbal Skills: My ability to communicate complex ideas shines through my two book chapters and nine peer-reviewed articles. Additionally, I’ve delivered over 80 presentations on international, national, and regional stages, including two TEDx Talks. Data-Driven Decision-Making - Mixed-Methods Research: My background in research methods enables me to collaborate effectively with subject matter experts and stakeholders. I dive into nuanced analyses to identify essential information, informing crucial decisions. - Assessment Expertise: Crafting clear and measurable learning objectives is my forte. My assessments are both valid and reliable, and I’ve contributed to the development of a statewide assessment tool for the Michigan Assessment Consortium. Creating Engaging Learning Experiences - Instructional Design: I weave compelling storylines into learning experiences and resources. Whether it’s using Articulate Storyline 360 or structuring LMS platforms, I’m passionate about engaging learners. Success Through Project Management - Project Leadership: I’ve spearheaded multifaceted projects, ensuring seamless execution from inception to completion including annual international symposia events to, presentations & publications. My ability to rally teams, set clear objectives, and manage timelines has consistently yielded impactful results. - Resource Management: Whether it’s allocating budgetary resources or identifying the right programs and equipment, I excel at optimizing resources for maximum impact. I understand the delicate balance between efficiency and quality. - Documentation and Tracking: I maintain meticulous records and track progress through my various roles as AERI Webmaster, IAEA Head Journal Editor, NAEA EEIG Co-Chair, and being a university lecturer with grading, publishing, and presentation responsibilities.

Andy Tanner
Sr. Director Experiential Design/AnalyticsLead Belay
Lead Belay

About Andy Tanner


Jim Galante
Director, Sales Training - Gout Business UnitAmgen

About Jim Galante


Strategic and innovative Training and Development leader with a progressive, 20+-year career in the bio-pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, biotech and financial services industries. Drives business results by developing sales, leadership and other functional competencies aligned to organizational business imperatives. Capable and courageous critical thinker with a history of challenging the status quo and building high performing teams.

About Thomas Bergen


With over 24 years of experience as the Co-Founder and CEO of getAbstract, I am passionate about providing high-quality and accessible learning content to millions of users worldwide. I lead a team of over 200 professionals who share my vision of empowering people to learn more in less time and stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing world.

Brandon Carson
VP of Learning, Leadership, and Cultural ExperiencesStarbucks

About Brandon Carson


With over 20 years of experience in creating and scaling global strategies for learning and development (L&D), I am a passionate and innovative leader who drives business impact, talent growth, and organizational excellence. As the VP of Learning, Leadership, and Cultural Experiences at Starbucks, I oversee the design, delivery, and evaluation of learning solutions that enable the success of more than 450,000 partners worldwide.