This highlight video is from the May 16th 2024 Skills-First Milwaukee Talent Development Conference @ GE HealthCare, session CLO/DEI Panel: "aha!" moments | SUSTAINABLE CHANGE READINESS

At the recent Skills-First Talent Development Conference, a dynamic panel of Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) and DEI leaders came together to discuss pivotal moments that have significantly influenced their approach to change readiness. Their stories and strategies provide valuable insights for driving effective DEI initiatives and fostering organizational change.

Here are four key takeaways from this enlightening discussion:

1. Allow Changes to Settle

Bonnie Hemingway emphasized the importance of letting changes settle before introducing new ones. she advised, stressing the need for full adoption and reinforcement to make new behaviors the norm.

"We have to take a moment and let this change actually settle in the organization."  -- Bonnie Hemingway

2. Explicit and Strategic Sponsorship

Nicole Phipps highlighted that effective sponsorship requires clarity and visibility. Leaders must clearly communicate what they are supporting, how they will support it, and ensure they are visibly endorsing the change to drive genuine commitment throughout the organization.

3. Behavioral Focus in Psychological Safety

Anton Maletich from Alter Domus discussed the significance of focusing on specific behaviors to foster psychological safety.

"Psychological safety is team-based and essential for fostering inclusion," -- Anton Maletich

By defining and promoting behaviors that contribute to a psychologically safe environment, organizations can create spaces where inclusion and open dialogue become cultural norms, even if the term "psychological safety" itself is not universally understood or accepted.

4. Leveraging Influencers Within the Organization

Iris Wilson-Farley emphasized the importance of identifying and engaging with key influencers who can help navigate resistance and garner broader support for DEI initiatives. Understanding who influences your sponsors can significantly impact the success of change efforts.

These insights underscore the critical strategies for enhancing DEI and change readiness. By allowing changes to settle, ensuring explicit sponsorship, focusing on behaviors that foster psychological safety, and leveraging influencers within the organization, companies can create a more inclusive, adaptable, and resilient culture.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies from our upcoming Events and discussions!