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Peer-Reviewing ERG Leadership Development

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Session Focus: Review Ana Bedard's innovative ERG Leadership Development program to enhance organizational diversity.

This session gathers diverse perspectives on ERG leadership needs and evaluates an innovative 12-hour essential leadership skills curriculum for Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders in light of those needs. We invite senior HR, Talent Development, and DEI leaders to join this collaborative platform to examine the program’s content, structure, and potential impact on organizational culture. This is an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue, share insights, and contribute to refining the program to meet the needs of diverse organizations. This certificate program, which is a collaborative effort between DePaul Executive Education and Ana Bedard, a contributing member of ELE, provides an opportunity for participants to obtain a Certification in ERG Leadership from DePaul University. The certification acknowledges the enhanced skills of leaders who successfully finish the entire course. Conversations Join this inclusive Zoom discussion to help shape an impactful ERG leadership development program and explore how Talent Development and ERGs can partner to advance DEI objectives and foster long-term organizational growth.   ELE produces this Learning Circle: Reskilling Talent Development. ELE's Idea Exchange: Collaborate online with your peers.
Richard Busby
Director, Project Management OfficeIMSA

About Richard Busby


I love enabling people to perform work that need to get done, finding meaning and high satisfaction. I do this through mentoring, coaching, and practical support systems. I have extensive experience in corporate L&D, Learning Architecture, and Academic management. I am the founder of

About Dirk Tussing


PASSIONATE COLLABORATOR with an extensive business and charity network that makes things happen.

Edward DesRosiers
Senior Learning Development StrategistGlobal Talent Leaders
Global Talent Leaders

About Edward DesRosiers


Professional with over twenty-five years experience in the IT field including over twenty years in Learning and Development. Expertise with legal technology, eDiscovery, E-Mail Archiving, help desk operations, network management, cloud computing and system/software implementation and redesign. Possesses an extensive knowledge of various computer hardware, software, peripherals, programming tools, languages, and platforms. I earned a Paralegal certificate with Honors from Roosevelt University. Currently leading a Microsoft Certification Program

Richard Rykhus
Head of Global Learning and DevelopmentShure Incorporated
Shure Incorporated

About Richard Rykhus


As a strategic, consultative and outcome-focused talent leader with 20+ years experience, I help organizations engage and retain their people. I do this primarily by focusing on work related to learning & development and diversity, equity & inclusion. This focus enables people to grow in their careers and have a deeper sense of belonging with their team and organization.

Ana Bedard
Founder and PrincipalGlobal Talent Leaders
Global Talent Leaders

About Ana Bedard


I am passionate about helping people fulfill their highest potential and make the difference they want to make in business and the world. I do so via leadership development and diversity, inclusion and belonging. My colleagues tell me that I create an environment that is both rigorous and inclusive and non-judgmental.

About Ariana Paz


I have a proven ability to take initiative and build strong, productive relationships. I am a driven individual with a very strong work ethic (a child of entrepreneurs). I consider myself intellectually curious; detail oriented, extremely organized and have a passion for digging into a problem and figuring it out (research junkie). I am also able to build instant rapport with people from an array of culturally diverse and socioeconomic backgrounds. I'm empathetic, observant, and have a very strong, sometimes freaky sense of INTUITION or as others like to call it - a high level of social/emotional intelligence.