Navigating the Waves of Change: Learning Agility Use Case with Goodyear

This highlight video is from June 14, 2024 session Navigating the Waves of Change: Learning Agility Use Case with Goodyear

Session Focus: Mastering Learning Agility for the Evolving Future of Work

"Opportunities to develop leaders now happen in pivotal moments." -- Julian Malnak

This session provided an in-depth look at Goodyear's new agile strategy for leadership development focused on "pivotal moments." The pivotal moments framework represents a major shift away from Goodyear's previous level/role-based leadership training programs. Instead, it creates personalized learning journeys curated around critical pivotal moments that leaders face, such as becoming a manager, leading through change, or navigating a business transformation.

Three key takeaways from this innovative approach are:

  1. Pivotal moments are critical transitions for leaders: These are significant situations or events that can profoundly affect business outcomes, employee engagement, and overall wellbeing. Examples include becoming a leader of others, guiding a team through change, or stepping up as a leader of leaders.
  2. An always-on, needs-driven, democratized approach: This method is continuously available, tailored to the individual needs of each leader, and accessible to everyone regardless of their level or role. This represents a significant shift towards agility in leadership development.
  3. Significant implications of adopting agile pivotal moments: Embracing this approach demands that leaders become more self-driven, redefines success metrics beyond just completions and attendance, enables operation at a larger scale, encourages the normalization of new behaviors, and incorporates advanced technologies like AI.

By focusing on pivotal moments versus pre-scripted progression, Goodyear aims to deliver more relevant, agile leadership development that empowers leaders to choose their own paths and drive their growth during critical career situations.