ERGs: The Next Platform for Leadership Development

This highlight video is from February 02, 2023 session ERGs: The Next Platform for Leadership Development

Session Focus: The Critical Role, Employee Resource Groups, Play in Personalizing Learning

The rise of technology and digital platforms emerging in a post-Covid workplace enables employees to access endless information and resources. Personalization of learning is a strategic way of taking advantage of these new opportunities. Easier said than done.


There is a perspective that all learning is social.

  • Do you agree with that? How does social learning impact ERGs?
  • Does L&D proactively play a role? Why? Why not?

Our (i4cp) research has shown the acting as a volunteer leader in an ERG/BRG is more effective at developing leadership skills than formal development programs in many organizations. — Lorrie Lykins

Many organizations find that ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) play a vital role in this personalization by serving as a resource for employee development and professional growth, mentoring and networking opportunities, and training and development programs tailored to specific needs and interests. ERGs are one of the most effective platforms to create forums for learners to find their voice and be heard.

Optimized Structure: Office of DEI

Let’s explore critical questions to help facilitate a robust dialog helping us understand how we can use personalization in HR & Learning, including:

  1. How do ERGs allow learners to take control of their learning?
  2. How can you ensure the feedback from ERGs is included in the L&D programs to be inclusive and reflective of all employees’ diverse perspectives and experiences?
  3. Do DEI and L&D collaborate on leadership training opportunities within the ERG framework?


This interactive discussion will be led by Marti Konstant and Tracey Wik, who will use real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the key concepts and strategies.

Our goal is to help us better understand how to improve employee engagement and development. We will have the tools and resources to implement Personalizing Learning in their organizations.