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Strategic AI Integration 🧩Crafting an Aligned AI Policy for L&D Leaders

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Proposed Session Focus #1: Provide tips for L&D leaders to develop an AI policy that aligns with the corporate IT AI strategy, ensuring efficiency and innovation in learning and development.

This roundtable discussion will equip L&D leaders with the knowledge and tools to develop a robust AI policy aligning with their organization’s corporate IT AI strategy. By focusing on best practices and actionable insights, participants will learn how to ensure their AI initiatives foster alignment, drive efficiency, and promote innovation within their learning and development functions. Most L&D organizations have a healthy tension with their IT function, and this session aims to address that dynamic.
When L&D and IT have a healthy tension: If your company-wide IT policy prohibits using company information outside your firewall, your L&D AI playbook should specify that when creating work training projects with AI, do not use any company-sensitive data with your AI tools.
Join us to explore strategic approaches, share experiences, and collaborate on crafting policies that meet L&D and corporate objectives in the evolving AI landscape. 😊  
Proposed Session Focus #2 Community-Sourcing External Expertise to Elevate Value-Based Sales Techniques for Technically Skilled Professionals Case study: Shure Inc.
In this dynamic session, we explore the strategic integration of external expertise to enhance value-based sales skills among technically oriented professionals. Using Shure Inc.'s request for a tailored sales development program across multiple countries as a case study, participants will delve into community-sourced solutions that align technical prowess with essential sales techniques. This approach not only broadens the understanding of value-based selling but also addresses unique challenges faced by technical teams in establishing long-term customer relationships. Join us to uncover how external partnerships can be leveraged to foster a culture of effective and adaptive sales strategies within technically skilled teams.
Pre-read: Looking for a good sales training vendor - [ Vendor Recommendations ] - Idea Exchange - ELE Group This Learning Circle - Sales Training, Think Future-back is produced by Executive Learning Exchange.
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