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Peer Coaching: Empowering Success

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Session Focus: Building Belonging to Drive Retention

At the core of a thriving organization is its ability to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among its employees. Peer coaching emerges as a powerful tool in this context, providing a structured yet flexible method to enhance employee retention and cultivate a supportive company culture.
Did you know that employees who have a coaching manager are eight times more likely to be highly engaged compared to their peers with managers who don’t take a coaching approach? (Source: Forrester)
  This interactive session will serve as a platform for HR Talent Development Leaders to exchange insights and innovative practices for implementing peer coaching. We will explore how peer coaching can be a pivotal strategy for retaining talent and maximizing their engagement and productivity. Areas to Explore:
  • The Impact of Belonging: Investigate how peer coaching can boost retention rates and enhance employee satisfaction by creating a sense of belonging.
  • Why Peer Coaching is Important in Today's Workplace: Explore the critical role peer coaching plays in today’s work environment, enhancing communication, fostering personal development, and building resilience within teams.
  • Implementation and Challenges: Identify actionable steps to launch peer coaching programs, tackle potential obstacles, and develop metrics to measure their effectiveness in improving engagement and retention.
  • Peer Coaching Use Cases: Examine diverse peer coaching models effective in M&A contexts, focusing on strategies that promote connection, understanding, and a cohesive company culture. Recommended Pre-reading: 10 Practices for Acquired Employee Onboarding in M&A
Retention: Hired vs. Acquired Employees Join us to discover how peer coaching can transform your workplace by empowering employees to support and inspire one another.   ELE produces this Learning Circle: Reskilling Talent Development. ELE's Idea Exchange: Collaborate online with your peers.
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