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Navigating the Waves of Change: Learning Agility Use Case with Goodyear

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Session Focus: Mastering Learning Agility focusing on Pivotal Moments 

In today's rapidly changing work environment, shaped by continuous technological innovation and shifting market dynamics, the ability to adapt through learning, unlearning, and relearning is not just an advantage—it's a necessity.
Pivotal Moments for Leadership Development: This term suggests specific, often critical, turning points that can define or significantly change the trajectory of a leader's career or the direction of an organization. These are moments of high stakes and high impact, where the decisions and actions taken can lead to considerable success or failure. The focus here is on the transformative potential of these instances, making it particularly relevant for discussions about leadership growth, crisis management, or major strategic shifts.
"Navigating Pivotal Moments" shares a use case in Goodyear Tire found success in unpacking the essential skill of Learning Agility. This session offers a deep dive into the facets of Learning Agility—mental, people, change, and results agility—and explores their crucial role in navigating decisive moments in personal and organizational development.

  Participants will discover actionable strategies to enhance Learning Agility within themselves and their teams, empowering them to drive innovation, adapt swiftly, and maintain high performance amidst uncertainty. The discussion will feature compelling real-world examples and case studies, demonstrating how Learning Agility has effectively guided leaders and organizations through critical turning points and enabled them to capitalize on opportunities across various industries.   ELE produces this Learning Circle: Reskilling Talent Development. ELE's Idea Exchange: Collaborate online with your peers.

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