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Checkpoints that Matter: Improving Retention and Alternative Talent Pipelines

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Session Focus:  Uncovering 'Checkpoints that Matter' when building Alternative Talent Pipelines. This session explores innovative strategies for developing alternative talent pipelines, a crucial approach to improving employee retention and reducing turnover in today's dynamic workforce landscape. We'll delve into how experiential learning opportunities can bridge the gap in real-world experiences, enhancing the readiness and adaptability of new hires.
Strategies for Workplace Readiness: Checkpoints that Matter builds talent pipelines for in-demand jobs with essential skills and certifications, emphasizing critical experiences and ensuring immediate, effective employment.
  1. Experiential Learning as a Game-Changer: Unpacking the power of real-world learning experiences in equipping candidates with the skills necessary for immediate effectiveness in their roles.
  2. Strategies for Workplace Readiness: A dive into the "Checkpoints that Matter" methodology, which focuses on building robust talent pipelines for in-demand jobs. We'll discuss how integrating essential skills, certifications, hands-on labs, and critical experiences can lead to a qualified workforce that is genuinely ready to work from day one.
  3. Impact on Retention: How these alternative pipeline strategies not only fill positions with competent individuals but also play a pivotal role in enhancing employee retention. Organizations can foster a more committed and satisfied workforce by investing in employees' growth and ensuring their initial success.
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