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Future-Proofing HR: Building AI-Enabled Workforce Capabilities for the Future **Tentative**

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Session Focus: Explore how integrating AI can revolutionize HR practices, transforming challenges into opportunities for strategic workforce development.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and significant demographic shifts, HR stands at the forefront of guiding organizations through transformative challenges. This session revisits critical themes from our previous discussion at the Skills-First Talent Development Conference, focusing on how HR can integrate artificial intelligence to enhance operations and manage an aging workforce alongside a looming skills shortage.
Join us in small groups to ideate on leveraging AI and strategic HR transformation, ensuring your organization thrives in a rapidly evolving workforce landscape.
In this session, we will explore HR's transformation from traditional policy enforcers to strategic partners, focusing on emerging roles such as HR Data Detective. We will delve into the dual challenges of embracing AI: boosting business functions and addressing cybersecurity risks. The session emphasizes the importance of leadership, trust, and clear communication in adopting new technologies, alongside the necessity for continuous learning and cultural shifts to keep HR practices relevant. This will be a highly interactive virtual small group activity session designed to engage participants in strategic planning, discuss technological adoption, and learn how to foster a culture of trust and innovation. This will equip your organization with the critical capabilities needed to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow.   ELE produces this Learning Circle: Reskilling Talent Development. ELE's Idea Exchange: Collaborate online with your peers.

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