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Neurodiversity in Talent: Adapting and Hiring for Innovation

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Session Focus: Harnessing Neurodiversity: Strategies to Integrate Diverse Minds into Your Talent Strategy.

In an era where innovation is paramount, embracing neurodiversity enhances inclusivity and drives competitive advantage. This session, led by esteemed talent development leaders Mike Grubich, Ann Brownell, and Delaney Buenzli, delves into the transformative potential of neurodiversity initiatives within corporate environments. Drawing on IBM's pioneering Skills-First Hiring approach, our experts will unpack strategies that break conventional recruitment barriers and highlight how companies can leverage the unique strengths of neurodivergent individuals.
The session will provide practical tips on how hiring managers can avoid biases, recognize diverse abilities, and create a supportive environment that acknowledges and nurtures the skills of all employees.
Together, we will explore critical aspects of change readiness for teams, which are essential for integrating a neurodiversity framework effectively into existing corporate cultures. Through real-life examples and proven outcomes from organizations Mike Grubich has worked with, attendees will gain insights into the behaviors and experiences that foster an inclusive atmosphere conducive to neurodivergent talents. Embracing Neurodiversity in Talent Strategy ELE produces this Learning Circle: Reskilling Talent Development. ELE's Idea Exchange: Collaborate online with your peers.
Michael Grubich
President & Chief Talent Officer @ LAK GroupLAK Group
LAK Group

About Michael Grubich


Michael is a seasoned Human Resources executive with more than 25 years of global leadership experience. He provides strategic leadership regarding all talent solutions and initiatives which enhance the performance of organizations, individuals, teams and leaders. Proactive, results-oriented with solid planning and organizational skills demonstrated in coordinating all aspects of strategic human resources from inception through completion.

Richard Busby
Director, Project Management OfficeIMSA

About Richard Busby


I love enabling people to perform work that need to get done, finding meaning and high satisfaction. I do this through mentoring, coaching, and practical support systems. I have extensive experience in corporate L&D, Learning Architecture, and Academic management. I am the founder of

Ann Brownell
Team Experience Manager @ Origami Works FoundationGlobal Talent Leaders
Global Talent Leaders

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I train and empower teams to increase quality, efficiency, productivity, and pride. I specialize in personnel, program, process, and product development. Nothing is too big to learn; nothing is too small to do. Not afraid to ask (or answer) difficult questions.

Delaney Buenzli
Early Career SpecialistAbbVie

About Delaney Buenzli


Delaney is a multipotentialite, someone who explores their curiosities and uses empathy to develop creative solutions, attack process inefficiencies, and bring together stakeholders to identify and solve organizational challenges. She has a demonstrated history of working with mission-driven and nonprofit organizations to create measurable impact, build efficiency, and execute programs and events. A true "People Person," she strives to make a positive impact in the workplace and on the world.

Tresha Lovell
Talent Development ManagerWisconsin Talent Leaders
Wisconsin Talent Leaders

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Corporate learning and business development professional successful at designing and implementing learning programs that improve business performance. Highly experienced in delivering training for complex technology solutions, systems, Microsoft Applications, and consultative sales methodologies. Proven communicator and presenter with direct experience creating and delivering web-based and classroom training courses.