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Exploring HR Innovation: Embracing AI and Advancing Global Talent Mobility

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Session Focus: Explore how we can all contribute to an environment that welcomes diverse ideas and fosters innovation.

Join us for an enlightening Zoom roundtable titled "Exploring HR Innovation: Embracing AI and Advancing Global Talent Mobility." We're honored to host @Iris Wilson-Farley, an esteemed transgender Chief Talent Officer from Komatsu America, and advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. This session will unravel the symbiosis between artificial intelligence and human ingenuity within global talent frameworks, emphasizing the crucial interplay of diverse perspectives in driving forward-thinking HR solutions.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture for Innovation Discussion Questions we will explore together:
  1. How can AI be integrated into HR practices to enhance talent acquisition and global mobility while ensuring inclusivity?
  2. What role does leadership play in championing AI integration within HR to promote diversity and inclusion?
  3. How can global talent mobility be redefined through AI to support a more diverse and innovative workforce?
  4. In what ways can organizations adapt their HR strategies to leverage AI's potential for fostering a culture of innovation?
  5. What are the essential ethical standards and fairness considerations in AI-driven HR processes?
As an interactive roundtable, we'll share stories, tips, and strategies to get fresh ideas. This discussion isn't just for managers or leaders; it's for anyone who believes in the power of working together to spark innovation. Whether you're just starting your career or you've been in the game for years, there's something in this conversation for you. ELE produces this Learning Circle: Reskilling Talent Development. ELE's Idea Exchange: Collaborate online with your peers.
Richard Busby
Director, Project Management OfficeIMSA

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I love enabling people to perform work that need to get done, finding meaning and high satisfaction. I do this through mentoring, coaching, and practical support systems. I have extensive experience in corporate L&D, Learning Architecture, and Academic management. I am the founder of

Edward DesRosiers
Senior Learning Development ConsultantAvanade

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Professional with over twenty-five years experience in the IT field including over twenty years in Learning and Development. Expertise with legal technology, eDiscovery, E-Mail Archiving, help desk operations, network management, cloud computing and system/software implementation and redesign. Possesses an extensive knowledge of various computer hardware, software, peripherals, programming tools, languages, and platforms. I earned a Paralegal certificate with Honors from Roosevelt University. Currently leading a Microsoft Certification Program

About Iris Wilson-Farley

I am a seasoned Human Resources professional, focused on support business partners through strategic facilitation, organizational design, talent management, and support of a clear, meaningful employee value proposition.

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Wisconsin Talent Leaders

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